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As SUN countries begin recruiting companies into their national nutrition plans the network continues to expand. Globally, there are currently 349 companies publicly committing to scaling up nutrition both through our global platform and the growth of national platforms:

  • 49 multinational companies with global commitments which will be tracked through the Global Nutrition Report.
  • 300 companies have made, or have publicly pledged to develop, commitments at national level, including 281 in SBN countries, where SBN is supporting countries to build accountability into their national platforms.
  • In sum, SBN’s business members will be reaching a total of 1.3 billion beneficiaries between 2013 and 2020, equivalent to 166 million each year until 2020.

The network’s growth reveals roles for companies of all sizes and from all sectors. SBN members range from multinational to SMEs and contribute competencies from various industries.

See the full list of companies here.

Updated 25 May 2017