SBN indonesia 2 Overview
  • 5 steering committees, 12 active members and 3 Associations support
  • Convened by business: PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk
  • Action plans: support First 1000 Days + Adolescence, Balance Nutrition Foods, Health & Sanitation
SBN Indonesia launched on 10th September 2015 in Indofood Tower Jakarta. The official launching event was attended by private sector, government, GAIN, World Food Programme (WFP), Filantropi Indonesia, and several support organizations such as GAPMMI, APPNIA and CCPHI. SBN Indonesia aims to scale up nutrition and to reduce the double burden of malnutrition, a growing concern in Indonesia. The membership in SBN Indonesia requires minimum commitment of scaling up nutrition and internal company commitment such as “nutrition for workforce” and supporting breast feeding for employees. SBN Indonesia attempts to enlarge the business network. SBN Indonesia has an established multi-sectoral Steering Committee for Nutrition, which includes private sector representatives from:  

  • PT Indofood Sukses Makmur (Committees)
  • PT Nutrifood Indonesia (Committees)
  • PT Otsuka Indonesia (Committees)
  • PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Committees)
  • PT Cargill Indonesia (Committees)
  • PT Mondelez Indonesia
  • PT Unilever Indonesia
  • PT Astra International
  • PT Phapros
  • PT Bank Negara Indonesia
  • DSM Indonesia
  • PT Roche Indonesia
  • PT Japfa Comfeed
  • PT East West Seed Indonesia
  • PT Bank Danamon Indonesia
  • PT Midi Utama Indonesia (Alfamidi)
For Association, currently there are 4 groups that we will leverage further:
  • GAPMMI (Association of Indonesia Food and Beverages Manufacturer)
  • APPNIA (Association of Nutritious Products for Mothers and Children Companies )
  • CCPHI (Company-Community Partnerships for Health in Indonesia )
  • PISAgro (Partnership of Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture);
  • In 2017, SBN will collaborate with FBI - SDG : Philanthropy Business Indonesia Forum for the SDGs

To support National Nutrition Strategies, SBN private sector prioritised supporting 1000 first days of life for mothers and children, supporting parents in breastfeeding, adolescents, and the balance of nutritious foods by developing habits of consumers through the campaign "Balanced Nutrition" which focuses on young women. Hygiene and sanitation access such as service or access to water has also become one of the priorities proposed for the private sector.

As one of the memberd of Indonesian Business Forum for SDGs, SBN Indonesia participated in Indonesia Philanthropy Festival 2016. This activity aimed to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. Through the proposed priorities for private sector, SBN Indonesia aims to achieve some SDGs, which include zero hunger, good health and well-being, and partnerships for the goals.

In November 2016, representatives from Nutrition Japan paid a visit to SBN Indonesia members. The “Workplace Nutrition” project in Indonesia was launched September 2016. The objective of this project was to introduce balanced nutrition food for factory workers especially to improve young women's nutrition, particular adolescent girls and pregnant and lactating mothers who work in factories. 

  Updated 07 Feb 2017
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