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  • Convened by GAIN Kenya with Insta Products and Unilever Kenya as co-chairs of advisory group
  • Action plans: Under development
In Kenya, the SBN is known locally as the 'Nutrition Private Sector Network' (SNPSN), which is facilitated by GAIN with support from the global SBN team. SNPSN aims to harness the expertise, reach and market impact of the private sector to improve the nutrition of the Kenyan population. The goal of SNPSN is to act as the leading platform and centre of expertise for promoting action by business to scale-up and sustain the delivery of, and access to, improved nutrition for public health impact. SNPSN  shall achieve its goals through the establishment of a community which champions and mobilises business behind the National Nutrition Action Plan and supports the SUN Movement, to ensure that all people have access to good food and nutrition in Kenya. Update:  A SBPSN meeting was held on 15 September 2016. This was the second workshop on sensitization of the business, since Kenya joined the SUN movement in 2012. The meeting had a good representation from the private sector with 13 companies represented. The meeting started with some remarks from Gladys Mugambi who is the Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Unit in the MOH. She highlighted that Kenya has made progress on implementation of SUN and currently has all the networks running. The Kenya Country Director who is also the Country representative for SPSN gave an update of the progress of the business network in Kenya. Thereafter there were presentations from MOH officials on Scaling up Nutrition and Kenya’s nutrition landscape, BMS Act and workplace support and Food Fortification. KePSA presented on Better business practices for nutrition- experience from private sector and Enock Musinguzi shared the progress of SBN in Tanzania and lessons learnt. The key issue that came from the meeting was that there is still need to work on trust issues between government and the private sector so as to be able to move forward together. To try to create trust in the group it was agreed that we have a neutral convener, GAIN will continue playing this role and WFP has also committed to supporting the SPSN as a co-convener. [caption id="attachment_11871" align="aligncenter" width="535"]SUN 1 SUN 1[/caption]   Last updated 14 November 2016
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