• 19 members
  • Convened by GAIN and WFP; funded by DFID
  • Action plans: School feeding; nutritious product development; marketing and distribution; workforce nutrition
In Mozambique, the SBN will be a multi-stakeholder platform acting as a focal point for private sector engagement on nutrition in Mozambique and to demonstrate the impact that business can have on improving nutrition in the country. The activities are driven by these three lines of activities: ENGAGE, INVEST, INSPIRE.
  • ENGAGE: Engage with private sector companies to commit to workforce nutrition programme, invest in the delivery of affordable nutritious foods and undertake other actions which will help scale-up and sustain the delivery of and access to improved nutrition for public health impact; act as a source of knowledge on the demand and supply market in Mozambique for nutritious foods
  • INVEST: Manage an investment fund that will invest in scaling up the access to diversified affordable nutritious foods in Mozambique
  • INSPIRE: Advocate for private sector involvement in the scaling up nutrition and advocate for the creation of an enabling business environment
GAIN and WFP are the co-conveners for the SBN at the global level and GAIN is the local implementer in Mozambique with WFP as a strategic partner.   OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SBN INITIATIVE IN MOZAMBIQUE On 9 February 2016, the Government of Mozambique and the Department for International Development of the UK Government, with the support of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), launched a SUN Business Network with 19 private companies to support the country’s efforts towards Scaling Up Nutrition. Mozambique has been a member of the SUN Movement since 2011 and the new network joins other stakeholder groups including the established Civil Society Platform and the Nutrition Partner Forum with donor and the Nutrition Partner Forum with donor and United Nations agencies.
"Several food companies and other enterprises will be involved...The initiative will involve small scale producers, it will benefit low income consumers, and there will be distribution of basic foodstuffs" - Max Tonela, Minister of Industry and Trade, Mozambique


So far, 19 private companies are committed to this initiative. "Scaling Up Nutrition will play an important role in access to good nutrition in Mozambique in the coming years", said the British Minister for International Development, Nicholas Hurd, during the launch. He added that the initiative showed the potential of the private sector in Mozambique. Hurd, on a two day working visit to Mozambique, claimed that private business is "a fundamental partner" for solutions that would lead to sustainable development. "To achieve great results, we need to involve the market operators", he said. "The private sector should go further and share its experience and interest in order to attain better results for nutrition in the country". "Malnutrition prevents the development of human capital which is evidently necessary to build the labour market that the companies need', said Hurd. "In this initiative, the private sector will act as a mediator which identified and invests in companies that want to assist in nutrition". Please feel free to contact the local team for further information at Useful Links Click here to view the latest newsletter Updated 8 June 2016
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