• Convened by private sector
  • Action plans: Under development
Niger joined SUN in 2011 through the Direction of Nutrition (Ministry of Public Health), which also serves as the SUN focal point of the Country. At the country level in Niger, the SUN movement consists of 5 networks, namely:
  • Government services
  • Academia
  • Donors
  • Civil society (NGOs and nutrition associations)
  • Private sector
Following the establishment of various SUN networks in Niger, including the civil society network, the academic network, the donor network and government services, the private sector network will be set up under the auspices of Food processing companies STA, SANECOM, the Laitière du Sahel and AAFEX (Afrique Agro Export) with the support of the local SUN civil society network. The private sector can support national nutrition priorities by leveraging its commercial activities, value chains and social investment resources. Thus, the private sector contributes to problem-solving, innovation and investment; it provides technical knowledge and leverages its marketing capacity, as well as skills and technology to support advocacy. As an employer and as an essential part of communities, the private sector can also have a significant and lasting impact on the achievement of local nutrition goals. Many companies showed interest in joining the private sector network, which can support existing national nutrition strategies, and raise awareness among other companies about the role they must play and opportunities related to it. As a result of the activities the participants developed the action plans below: (A) Commitments:
  • Adhere to the vision of the SUN Movement and SUN Business Network
  • Commit to fighting all forms of malnutrition
  • Minimize unintended impacts on nutrition
  • Respect the quality standards specific to the fields
  • Enroll in the logic of national nutrition policies
B) Membership Criteria:
  • Be a formally established company (ARF, RCCM, NIF, Headquarters)
  • Adhere to the vision and commitments
  • Pay membership fees
  • Provide a regular report (annual or semi-annual)
  • Propose a plan of action which increases participation and contribution of the activities of the movement
  • Make a technical sheet that demonstrates the company's link with the SUN movement.
C).  Establish a work steering committee to speed up the process consisting of:
  • STA (SBN member)
  • TUN
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Nutrition
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Customs Services
  • Ministry of Finance
  • GRET (Haïnikoye Issa Moussa)
  • The Moulins du Ténéré
  • And more…
  Updated 4 November 2016
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