• 33 members
  • Convened by GAIN and WFP; established executive committee involving business, chaired by Engro Foods
  • Action plans: food fortification; agriculture; WASH; dietary diversity; children's feeding practices; availability and affordability of nutritious foods
There is interest in the private sector's role in the scaling up of fortification interventions in Pakistan. This interest is based on the successful model of the Universal Salt Iodization (USI) programme. Lola Castro, WFP Pakistan Representative and Country Director said that in addition to fortified food products, the private sector can help the government in scaling up nutitrion across a number of nutrition-direct and nutrition-sensitive areas including;

  • Promotion of healthy behaviors
  • Support pf studies to build new evidence
  • Dissemination of appropriate nutrition related messaging
  • Creation of and promotion of mother and child friendly work environments
  • Expansion of outreach to low-income groups/consumers
  • Execution of vital research
  • Building local capacity through technology and knowledge transfer

Members of SBN Pakistan represent various industries, including fast moving consumer groups, pharmaceutical, salt, confectionery, rice, flour, food commodities, plastics, packaging, agriculture, consumer services and logistics. Geographically, these partners are from different cities of Pakistan, i.e., Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Attock, Haripur and Rahim Yar Khan. There are currently 10 new companies that have been contacted to be briefed about SBN Pakistan.

Update: Under the Business Engagement Strategy for Pakistan, six thematic areas have been established. Out of these six, three have been finalized in food fortification; food supplementation; and nutritious and agriculture crops/livestock & fisheries.

To date, SBN Pakistan has conducted two meetings on two thematic working groups with participants from the private sector, government, and academia:

1).5-6 December 2016:  Nutritious Agricultural Crops, Dairy and Fisheries

2). 26-27 Dec. 2016: Food Supplementation Pakistan thematic working group

Reports on both meetings will be available soon.  

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Updated 26 January 2016

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