SUN Business Network Launch, Zambia In Zambia, undernourishment in children under five years of age is rife, with 40%, or 1.2 million children, suffering from stunting (low height for age). Every year 42% of deaths in children under five can be attributed to under-nutrition, which is ultimately preventable. In response, much is being done in Zambia to reverse the negative trends of malnutrition. Zambia joined the SUN Movement in December 2010 and developed a National Food and Nutrition Strategic Plan for the period 2011-2015. The UN World Food Programme in Zambia working with the National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) and Irish Aid launched the SUN Business Network (SBN) in Lusaka on 7 November 2014. The event involved over 160 stakeholders from business, civil society, UN agencies, donors and government and aimed to engage the private sector in Zambia to their role in alleviating malnutrition. Thirty companies registered their interest in developing commitments to scaling yup nutrition in Zambia. The event included group presentations along with case studies from key stakeholders. The discussions focused on 5 key areas:
  • Expanding the nutrition market (food producers and processors)
  • Improving nutrition in the agricultural value chain
  • Business in the community: What more can business do to improve nutrition?
  • Partnerships in nutrition
  • Policies, regulations and standards to support nutrition
WFP Zambia are now leading a strategy to further business engagement in Zambia’s national nutrition priorities, this will be available by February 2015. For more information see: SUN Business Network Launch Booklet SUN Business Network Launch_AGENDA Final SUN Business Network Launch - As It Happened   Updated 2 November 2016
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