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Network Strategic Plans


Press Release June 2023 Launch of the SUN Business Network Uganda Strategy 2022/23–2029/2030 Convened by Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and World...

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SBN Women and Youth Empowerment Strategy: Empowering Women and Youth in Building Equitable Food Systems

Women and youth are vital to the functioning of food systems, as they participate in various activities, including; food production, processing, marketing,...

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SBN Sri Lanka Strategy (2019-2020)

Access the SBN Sri Lanka Strategy (2019-2020) HERE....

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Estrategia Red del Sector Privado a favor de la nutrición (2020-2022)

El panorama nutricional de El Salvador ha mejorado mucho y el crecimiento económico ha sido elevado en el último decenio. Sin embargo,...

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SBN Malawi Strategy (2019-2023)

Access the SBN Malawi Strategy (2019-2023) HERE....

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SBN Mozambique Strategic Plan (2018 – 2020)

Access SBN Mozambique Strategy (2018 – 2020) HERE....

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SBN Laos Strategy (2018-2022)

Access the SBN Laos Strategy (2018-2022) HERE....

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SBN Ethiopia Strategy (2021-2023)

Access the SBN Ethiopia Strategy (2021-2023) HERE....

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SBN Kenya Strategy (2019-2023)

Access the SBN Kenya Strategy (2019-2023) HERE...

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SBN Tanzania Strategy (2016 – 2018)

Access the SUN Business Network Tanzania Strategy (2016 – 2018) HERE...

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SBN Nigeria Strategy (2017– 2020)

Access the SBN Nigeria Strategic Plan (2017-2020) HERE...

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SBN 3.0 Strategy (2022-2025)

Building on a comprehensive consultative process during May – October 2021, the SBN 3.0 Strategy has been developed to define key areas...

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