Our History

SUN Business Network 1.0

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement was created in 2010 and at its core is support for the development of national nutrition strategies by SUN Country Governments. Taskforces were established to create a global support system for SUN Countries, including on how to engage business. The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition volunteered to establish the taskforce and at the end of 2012 launched the SUN Business Network platform which complements the establishment of the SUN Civil Society, Donor and UN networks. In 2013, following the appointment of a global coordinator, the network launched its global platform of business commitments, and from 2014 began the launch of national SUN Business Networks (Country Networks), starting with SBN Zambia and SBN Tanzania. By 2015, regional workshops in Africa and Asia led to the expansion of SBN Country Networks across SUN Countries.

SUN Business Network 2.0

In 2017, the SBN revised its impact pathway and logic model, following a long period of reflection on the value of its activities and the needs of businesses and governments in SUN Countries. The network’s membership expanded amongst Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and membership surveys encouraged the SBN to address the needs of SMEs in the food system in order to increase the efforts of business to address malnutrition.

From 2018 the SBN has implemented a results framework for the SBN global team to focus on:

  1. increasing support and tools to SUN Countries to develop their National SBNs;
  2. ensuring multinational companies commit to improving the nutrition of their workforce and,
  3. identifying providers of technical assistance, finance and business development services at global level – and link them to National SBNs to address their needs in these areas.

For country networks, a logic model and results framework was established in 2018 to focus on:

  1. convening business at national level, to sensitise them to government national strategies and provide forums for business to meet with government and other stakeholders;
  2. assessing businesses for their technical assistance, business development and finance needs and,
  3. advocacy – to business on responsible practices to improve nutrition and to other stakeholders to encourage an enabling environment which incentivises business to act and invest responsibly in improving nutrition.

The SBN’s revised logic model and results framework was highly praised in the SUN Movement Mid Term Review (2018). An evaluation of the SBN at global and national level will take place in 2019.

More background on the SUN Movement and its history can be found here:

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