Cargill supports Bale Sehat, SUN Pitch Competition Finalist from Indonesia

In January 2020, a visit to the Jakarta Cargill factory was conducted for the Indonesia SUN Pitch Competition finalists. In attendance were two representatives from the Indonesian SME who joined the 2020 Global SUN Pitch Competition final, Bale Sehat.

Bale Sehat manufactures an instant rice bran powder designed to be served as a hot beverage or food additive. Their company mission is to bring healthy, natural, and nutritious products to their consumers while tackling malnutrition and anaemia. Muhammad Zacky Rizano, Bale Sehat’s Head of Business Development, reflects on his company’s visit to Cargill: “From the visit, we could comprehend how the production runs on a large scale. We learned from Cargill how they supervise their Standard Operating Procedures to make sure they can provide products to their clients with their highest quality. The most important aspect of the factory visit we learned about was that disciplinary actions in the quality control system are highly essential to ensure the safety of their production. Moreover, we were given an understanding of food regulation, such as scientific research, regulatory compliance, and food labelling. This helped us in creating a product that complies with food safety and regulatory requirements”.

Cargill is an SBN Global Member and as such is committed to support SMEs across national SBNs in Africa and Asia. Cargill was also a sponsor of the 2020 Global SUN Pitch Competition.