Global Members

Our global members are committed advocates and supporters of improved nutrition worldwide.

Membership is open to food and non-food companies who are not headquartered within a SUN Country.

All global members have committed to adhere to the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement as well as the SBN Principles of Engagement.

In addition, global members have committed to:

  1. Provide technical assistance – finance and business development services – to SBN country networks and their members (SMEs and national companies).
  2. Implement workforce nutrition policies
  3. Improve actions to address malnutrition in all its forms, including addressing overweight and obesity

We currently have 25 global members, reaching more than 1.1 million employees worldwide. They had combined annual revenues in 2017/2018 of over 560 billion USD.

Global members offer potential technical assistance (TA) to support the capacity building of SBN Country Networks and their members. Visit the Business to Business Technical Assistance page to find out more.

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Whistleblower Mechanism

If you are aware of any breach of the SBN Principles of Engagement by an SBN Global Member, please contact us. Only documented allegations will be considered. The anonymity of the whistleblower will be safeguarded.

Please find here an overview of SBN whistle-blower process for alleged breaches of the SBN principles of engagement by SBN Global Members.

If you have any questions regarding the management of potential breaches of the SBN Principles of Engagement, do not hesitate to send your questions.