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5th Mar 2020

Introducing SBN Myanmar: Making a positive impact on nutrition through business

In 2013, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar joined the SUN Movement and established the Multi-Stakeholder Platform, which is implemented by...

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3rd Mar 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

SUN Pitch Competition Mozambique: Fighting malnutrition through processing companies

In 2018, Mozambique participated in the first ever SUN Pitch Competition. Five Mozambican SMEs were among the 20 finalists that came from...

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24th Feb 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

NutriPitch 2019: The Nourish Nigeria Challenge Selects Winners

NutriPitch – the Nourish Nigeria Challenge – is a unique accelerator programme developed in partnership with the SUN Business Network Nigeria, GAIN, and supported...

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20th Feb 2020 Projects

SBN Madagascar Funds Agricultural Activities to Supply Nutritious Produce to Schools

This article was originally posted in Midi Madagasikara here.  “The SUN Business Network in Madagascar carries out a range of activities which...

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17th Feb 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

Pakistan NutriBiz 2019/20 Concludes After Surfacing Nutrition Sensitive Innovations

Pakistan NutriBiz – part of the SUN Pitch Competition 2019-20 – was organised by the SUN Business Network Pakistan, with the support of...

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11th Feb 2020 Evaluation

SBN Independent Evaluation 2019: Key Findings and Recommendations

Foreword to the SUN Business Network Independent Evaluation (2019). By Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and Lauren...

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