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25th Feb 2021

Collaborating to end Indonesian malnutrition

As one of the 61 countries represented in the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, Indonesia is striving to end hunger and malnutrition...

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11th Feb 2021

A fortifying approach: giving biofortified foods a boost in Tanzania

Six months on from the 2020 SUN Pitch Competition, winner Jolenta Joseph continues to use the GAIN Innovation prize of US$10,000 to...

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1st Feb 2021

SBN business to business support: leveraging expertise for enhanced nutrition

Local SMEs are well-positioned to address the nutritional needs of their communities, provide affordable foods and access non-traditional sales channels. Linking these...

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21st Dec 2020 Consumer Awareness

Helping Zambian Consumers Make Better Food Purchasing Choices

The long-awaited Zambia Good Food Logo, a joint initiative of the government of Zambia, SUN Business Network, World Food Programme, and private sector,...

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18th Dec 2020 COVID-19

Impacts of COVID-19 on Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Food System – Report 2

A survey of food system SMEs in 14 countries, aiming to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated control measures...

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15th Dec 2020 Global Members

Sproud is the newest SBN Global Member

This Swedish company was launched in 2018 and produces dairy-free milk alternatives. Sproud wants to create products that are healthy with a...

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