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29th Sep 2020 Case Studies

Tackling food loss & waste: SMEs saving nutritious food in Africa

With almost 690 million people, or 8.9% of the world’s population, without enough to eat, concerns about food loss and waste are...

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23rd Sep 2020 Workforce Nutrition

Better nutrition for better productivity and efficiency in the RMG sector

Global evidence suggests that healthier diets boost the immune system and overall wellbeing of individuals, but access to healthy diets is also...

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18th Sep 2020 COVID-19

COVID-19 and SMEs: supporting small enterprises to avoid a nutrition crisis

Today, 2 billion people suffer from an inadequate diet, and the emergence of COVID-19 is only expected to accelerate the number of...

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15th Sep 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

New solutions to an age-old problem: Asia’s entrepreneurs fight malnutrition with innovation

Malnutrition is a far-reaching and centuries old threat to public health, taking millions of lives each year. No world region has managed...

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3rd Sep 2020 Accountability

Aligning business reporting in nutrition – 2020 survey results

This report was originally posted by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition’s (GAIN).  In 2021, two major Summits will take place to...

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1st Sep 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

Sanavita: Tackling hidden hunger in Tanzania with biofortified foods

This article was originally published by Africa Business Communities.  An upsurge in cases of malnutrition among children in rural Tanzania, combined with the...

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