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23rd Sep 2020

Better nutrition for better productivity and efficiency in the RMG sector

Global evidence suggests that healthier diets boost the immune system and overall wellbeing of individuals, but access to healthy diets is also...

18th Sep 2020

COVID-19 and SMEs: supporting small enterprises to avoid a nutrition crisis

Today, 2 billion people suffer from an inadequate diet, and the emergence of COVID-19 is only expected to accelerate the number of...

15th Sep 2020

New solutions to an age-old problem: Asia’s entrepreneurs fight malnutrition with innovation

Malnutrition is a far-reaching and centuries old threat to public health, taking millions of lives each year. No world region has managed...

3rd Sep 2020

Aligning business reporting in nutrition – 2020 survey results

This report was originally posted by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition’s (GAIN).  In 2021, two major Summits will take place to...

1st Sep 2020

Sanavita: Tackling hidden hunger in Tanzania with biofortified foods

This article was originally published by Africa Business Communities.  An upsurge in cases of malnutrition among children in rural Tanzania, combined with the...

28th Aug 2020

Cargill supports Bale Sehat, SUN Pitch Competition Finalist from Indonesia

In January 2020, a visit to the Jakarta Cargill factory was conducted for the Indonesia SUN Pitch Competition finalists. In attendance were two representatives from the...

20th Aug 2020

IoT supported food kiosk provides nutritious food in Nigeria

Through a mobile marketplace app, and the installation of vending machines within offices, schools and hospitals in Nigeria, Mealimeter has been working hard to...

17th Aug 2020

Baby Grubz: An award-winning business plan for tackling child undernutrition in Nigeria

In 2013, Nigerian agri-entrepreneur Oluwaseun Sangoleye founded Baby Grubz, a food company that manufactures complementary baby and infant food products. This year, on...

12th Aug 2020

Award-winning approaches to solving nutritional challenges in Africa and Asia

Shining a spotlight on agri-food entrepreneurs from across Africa and Asia, winners of the 2020 Global SUN Pitch Competition were announced on Thursday 30th...

3rd Aug 2020

Next-generation technology: unlocking nutritious food production in Africa and Asia

With over 500 million undernourished people, and nine out of ten of the world’s stunted and wasted children, malnutrition and hunger continue...

28th Jul 2020

Fighting malnutrition from the ground up

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are essential to enable job creation, economic development and good nutrition, particularly in developing countries. This is...

23rd Jul 2020

Solving global malnutrition: investing in innovations for local food systems

Cherrie Atilano, CEO of AGREA, is a member of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Lead Group and is supporting the development...

17th Jul 2020

“In a competitive world…work on remaining relevant by offering products and services that add value”

Two years since she launched her nutrition business, Neema Lugangira’s startup has grown in product portfolio, sales and partnerships. Neema attributes these successes...

15th Jul 2020

Cargill: Innovation is essential to global food and nutrition security

In this article, co-authored by Ratih Neumann, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Leader for Cargill APAC, and Ritta Sabbas Shine, Country Support Manager of the...

Sri Lanka
10th Jul 2020

Meet the Coordinator: Farzana, Sri Lanka

Our ‘Meet the Coordinator’ series provides a glimpse into what inspires, motivates and challenges our SBN country coordinators. Our coordinators are at...