The SUN Business Network becomes a member of SME Connect

10th November, 2020

SBN is pleased to announce its membership to SME Connect. SME Connect is a broad network for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their supporters. It seeks to maximise their impact on the European Union level.

SME Connect has established amongst others Working Groups on Health and Nutrition as well as on Agriculture, Food and Consumers to bring together SMEs of the food sector, stakeholders and policymakers to promote the role of nutrition in tackling health challenges, mental health and stress-related issues and malnutrition in every form, whilst highlighting the need for more significant investments in innovation to promote a sustainable agri-food system.

SME Connect and SBN share a common interest in building the capacity of SMEs to have a greater impact towards social and sustainable goals and to support more resilient food supply chains and better health and nutrition for workers and consumers.

SBN and SME Connect will seek to engage European and low- and middle-income country SMEs as well as other partners of SBN and SME Connect around common projects and initiatives towards better nutrition for all.

SBN will be joining SME Connect Working Group Meeting and is keen to engage with SME Connect’s Working Groups on Health & Nutrition and Agriculture, Food & Consumers.

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