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Strategic Priorities

The SBN will now embrace three new strategic objectives that are aligned with those of the third phase of the SUN Movement-from 2021 to 2025 (see here), which have been developed together with national stakeholders, putting country realities and goals at the forefront.

  • 1

    Drive Business Action

    Businesses in SUN countries sustainably enhance and scale capacity and contributions to nutrition with a focus on safe, healthy, and affordable diets.

  • 2

    Strengthen Business Accountability

    National, collaborative mechanisms connect and support businesses to define and track nutrition actions, together with all relevant business and non-business stakeholders, including other SUN Networks.

  • 3

    Improve Enabling Environment

    SUN country governments recognize and enable the positive role of business in reaching nutrition goals, particularly in national nutrition plans, policies, and regulations. Ultimately, this contributes to creating a supportive policy and regulatory environment for business action.