About Us

How are we helping to end malnutrition?

SBN will continue to build on its successes from its first two phases of operations (2012-2020) with an enhanced focus on supporting SMEs at scale, including women-led SMEs, and strengthening the enabling business environment to unlock business investment in nutrition, both for SMEs and large national companies. It will also work to further strengthen relationships with and contributions by the SBN’s global members, targeting progress and support to SMEs through national SBNs.

SBN will focus on the following key activities at global, regional and national level:

  • Convene business via fit-for-purpose mechanisms that facilitate dialogue, collaboration, and learning among business in support of national nutrition priorities.

  • Advance Advance practical business solutions and support, to improve their business practices for
    nutrition. This includes facilitating access to finance, technologies, technical assistance, innovation, business partnerships, and strategic knowledge-exchange opportunities.

  • Amplify SME voice, channelling collective perspectives, ideas, and potential opportunities to government and other relevant stakeholders to help recognize and enable the positive role of
    business in nutrition, and strengthen overall mutual accountability.