What We Do

Way of working

The SUN Business Network (SBN) aims to increase the availability and affordability of safe, nutritious foods to consumers, especially low-income consumers through activities at global and national levels. At a national level, the SBN convenes businesses, assesses technical, financial and other business support service needs for members, and advocates the role of business in addressing nutrition at country level. At a global level, the SBN acts as a focal point for engaging multinational businesses in nutrition activities such as making workplace nutrition commitments.

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Investing in Nutrition

The SBN recognises that food systems shape the food choices that consumers have, and businesses are the main investors and main participants in these food systems. Yet, the big problem that most businesses face (especially Small and Medium size Enterprises) when it comes to engaging in the market is that they lack access to finance.

The SBN has developed two flagship events – the Nutrition Africa Investor Forum and the Scaling Up Nutrition Pitch Competition – as key opportunities to crowd in investment and technical assistance offers to mobilise businesses and entrepreneurs to address malnutrition in all its forms.


The SBN 2018-2020 Strategy aims to increase support to SUN Countries by assisting the development of more SBN country networks by the end of 2020. The SBN will improve the tools available to SBN country networks to support businesses to act and invest responsibly in improving nutrition.

The SBN’s global secretariat aims to:

  • Support more SUN Countries to establish SBN country networks
  • Ensure businesses at global and national level adopt commitments to improve the nutrition of their workforce
  • Improve access to technical assistance, finance and business development services to SBN country networks, and in particular their small and medium enterprises (SME) members, through global partnerships with multinational companies and support providers at global level