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While a whole-of-society response is needed to combat all forms of malnutrition, the success of SBN, as recognized through the SUN Movement, depends on the ability to effectively create, and maintain value for businesses in nutrition at the global, regional, and national levels. To do this, SBN strengthens the engagement of the private sector on nutrition at global, regional and national level

Global Level

At a global level, SBN acts as a mechanism for engaging multi-National Companies (MNCs) in nutrition and critically, for supporting national SBN networks to mobilize local businesses in line with national nutrition priorities and plans. This work is led by the SBN Global Secretariate who ensure that national SBN networks have the tools, information, resources, and connections required to make progress on their national SBN priorities. In addition to country support, the SBN Global Secretariat works with its 25 global MNC Network members to support nutrition commitment-making, including on workforce nutrition, and foster global partnerships with investors, MNCs, and others to provide finance or technical assistance to country networks and, most importantly, their business members. The SBN Global Secretariat also works with partners to organise and support the inclusion of country voices in global and regional advocacy initiatives around nutrition.Click Here to meet our SBN Global Secretariat Team

Regional Level

The SBN Global Secretariat works through its team of strategically placed regional SBN focal points to strengthen strategic linkages and partnerships with regional businesses, organization, and platforms that have substantial reach across multiple countries within a region. This also includes entities with operations based outside of SUN countries as these potential partners also have roots that go deep within food systems across SUN countries. Our regional activities support our increased focus on cultivating and disseminating key learnings and best practices within and between countries.Click here to meet our SBN Regional Focal Points

National Level

Our work is focused at national level across 60+ SUN Countries and undertaken by specialist dedicated coordinators, sometimes assisted by small teams, operating in 18/27 countries. These coordinators have a solid private sector background and understanding of the nutrition and are supported by regional SBN focal points and SBN Global Secretariat. Click here to meet our national coordinators

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SBN’s distinct role at national level, is to work to empower SMEs, food entrepreneurs, and other national businesses to be more successful and to make a bigger contribution to nutrition priorities and national food systems development. As part of this work, national SBN teams work with government to strengthen nutrition plans and related policies for engaging the private sector in nutrition. National networks also organise access to practical business solutions (including technical assistance, finance, business development support and technology), often through local providers, to improve businesses’ overall strength and readiness to enhance business practices for nutrition.For more information on our national networks click here