Business to Business Technical Assistance

The SUN Business Network gathers SBN Global Members and members of SBN Country Networks based in the 62 SUN Countries that want to support better nutrition for their consumers, their workforce and the societies they operate in. To support members of SBN Country Networks in providing safe nutritious food, the SBN facilitates the delivery of multifaceted business to business (B2B) technical assistance programmes around fortification, product reformulation, food safety, nutrition labelling, affordability, financial inclusion, marketing and additional specific expertise owned by the SBN Global Members.

The offer

SBN Global Members offer expertise in fortification, product reformulation, food safety, nutrition labelling, affordability, financial inclusion and marketing.

The needs

More than 650 companies have joined SBN country networks to support better nutrition in the following countries.

How does it work?

To offer technical assistance you must be a registered company, headquartered outside of a SUN Country.

To receive technical assistance from an SBN Global Member your business must be a member of an SBN Country Network, or committed to join an SBN Emerging Country Network. Only one request at a time can be submitted for B2B technical assistance.

The SBN cannot guarantee each technical assistance request will have a match from our Global Members. Where possible we will look to group similar requests to enable an effective response.

Review the offer

Look at the technical assistance offers of the SBN Global Members and select the companies that have the expertise to respond to your specific needs.

Explain your needs

Outline what specific technical assistance you need, which company you have identified to potentially support you and how this would help your business.

Send the request

Submit your request here.

Follow up

The SBN team will confirm reception of your request within 2 weeks. We may contact you for additional information to assess feasibility for the technical assistance request.

Receive the reply

The SBN global team will notify you about the technical assistance request outcome. If your request is unsuccessful you can reapply, however it must be for another area of support.


SBN, with the support of the George Institute for Global Health, has identified a set of business-to-business (B2B) technical assistance initiatives that could contribute to the prevention of diet-related NCDs. These include:



How do I apply?


To apply for SBN B2B technical assistance you need to submit an online form and comply to the application requirements.

Is there a fee associated with the delivery of B2B technical assistance?


At no point in the process does SBN charge either SBN Global Members or companies requesting B2B technical assistance.

Do I need to be an SBN member to apply for B2B technical assistance?


Companies that have their HQ in a SUN Country and have more than half of their sale volumes take place in SUN countries can submit one B2B technical assistance request. If the request receives a positive answer, B2B technical assistance will only be provided following confirmation of membership to the relevant SBN Country Network or commitment to join the relevant Country Network (for emerging country networks).

On what grounds are the requests reviewed?


The requests are assessed on a case by case basis by the relevant SBN Global Member. A reply will be sent based on the company’s ability to provide the technical assistance in the country at a given time. During the initial filtering of requests the SBN Team will ensure that the technical assistance request would positively impact nutrition if delivered and that a sufficient level of information is included for the request to be sent to the relevant potential technical assistance provider.

What is the timeline for the review of the technical assistance requests?


While the SBN Global Team commits to acknowledging the request within two weeks, there is no specific timeline set for the assessment and the delivery of the potential technical assistance. Depending on the need for additional information, the complexity of the project, the availability of the SBN Global Member to review the request, various response times are expected.

Who should I contact if I have a question?


For any questions related to this process please email