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16th Oct 2020 SUN Pitch Competition

World Food Day: Innovative approaches to nourish the world

With rising levels of malnutrition globally, innovative approaches should be harnessed to improve the food system’s ability to make nutritious food more...

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12th Oct 2020 Case Studies

Kwanza Tukule: Revolutionising Kenya’s urban food system

It’s 3am in Nairobi, many households are already up and have started their journey from the low-income settlements of Kangemi, Kawangware, Kibera,...

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30th Sep 2020 Meet the Coordinator

Meet the Coordinator: Ivy, Nigeria

Our ‘Meet the Coordinator’ series provides a glimpse into what inspires, motivates and challenges our SUN Business Network (SBN) country coordinators. Our...

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29th Sep 2020 Case Studies

Tackling food loss & waste: SMEs saving nutritious food in Africa

With almost 690 million people, or 8.9% of the world’s population, without enough to eat, concerns about food loss and waste are...

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23rd Sep 2020 Workforce Nutrition

Better nutrition for better productivity and efficiency in the RMG sector

Global evidence suggests that healthier diets boost the immune system and overall wellbeing of individuals, but access to healthy diets is also...

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18th Sep 2020 COVID-19

COVID-19 and SMEs: supporting small enterprises to avoid a nutrition crisis

Today, 2 billion people suffer from an inadequate diet, and the emergence of COVID-19 is only expected to accelerate the number of...

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