Aligning business reporting in nutrition – 2020 survey results

3 September 2020

The survey included a limited number of pre-selected existing reporting tools for each category and was shared with businesses, business associations, international organisations, non-government organisations (NGOs), academia and accountability mechanisms representatives. Twenty-nine respondents provided their feedback including twenty-one businesses/business associations, four international organisations/NGOs/academia and four accountability mechanisms.

The respondents found the following existing reporting tools as being the most relevant to report business impact on:

  • product (re)formulation: the Health Star Rating System.
  • marketing to children: the Core Principles of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiatives.
  • food labelling: relevant Codex Alimentarius Standards on Labelling.
  • employee health and wellbeing (with a focus on workforce nutrition): the Workforce Nutrition Alliance Scorecard.

The report provides the detailed results for each of these categories including the results distribution between businesses/business associations and international organisations/NGOs/academia/accountability mechanisms.

Read the full report here.