SUN Business Network Asia Country Gathering 2019 Workshop Report

9 August 2022

The SUN Business Network held its Asia Country Gathering in Tokyo, Japan on 12-13th February 2019. The gathering was the first of its kind and was designed to strengthen momentum around the SBN within the region and increase support to SUN Countries looking to establish and operate an SBN.

The SBN Global Secretariat led an interactive two-day workshop which:

  1. Provided guidance and tools to support the development and growth of SBN Country Networks.
  2. Fostered discussion and shared experiences between established and early stage SBN Country Networks on how to set up, launch, and successfully manage a network.
  3. Brought together representatives from government, private sector and international development on panel discussions to demonstrate the case for engaging businesses in a multi-stakeholder approach to scaling up nutrition.
  4. Supported 10 SUN Countries to develop action plans to build and fundraise for their own SUN Business Networks.

Read the full workshop summary here.