SBN Lao PDR Member’s Meeting

The SUN Business Network Laos organised a meeting on 29th May 2019 to bring together the private sector and the network’s facilitator to discuss how to improve nutrition and eradicate malnutrition in the country.

Mr Jan Delbaere, WFP Country Director and Representative opened the meeting. He addressed the importance of the private sector in supporting the National Nutrition Strategic Plan and the business opportunities in this industry. He highlighted that investment and the active participation of the private sector are essential to support the National Nutrition Strategic Plan to improve nutrition across the country.

SBN Lao members meeting
SUN Business Network Laos Member’s Meeting

The SUN Business Network Laos encourages the private sector to work in cooperation to find solutions to malnutrition together. The meeting presented interesting facts and statistics about the nutrition needs for different ages and genders. This helped business representatives to identify priority target groups such as children, adolescents and pregnant women.

Attendees also saw an opportunity to develop nutritious products and make them available in the market to cater to an increasingly high demand for nutrient-dense foods, also known as superfoods. In addition, food fortification technology was presented and gathered a lot of attention among members.

Members of the SUN Business Network Laos received the draft Strategic Plan to review. The members gave useful inputs, comments and suggestions on effective ways for the SUN Business Network Laos to work together to make progress in 2019. The meeting was successful in gathering existing and potential members from various sectors to network and share their interest in improving nutrition in Laos. Over the coming weeks, the final version of the plan will be produced and this will be shared with members during the next SUN Business Network Laos Member’s Meeting.

This article was written by SUN Business Network Laos Coordinator, Manilay Vanphavong.