SBN Case Study:

SBN Laos holds Workforce nutrition training for Garment factory workers

An event to promote the Workforce Nutrition Programme (WNP) was organized on 6 September 2022 at Diep Vu Company Limited, a garment factory located in Vientiane Capital.  The session, delivered by trainers from the National Nutrition Center, was attended by 36 garment factory workers. Messages on nutrition, consuming a diverse and healthy diet and safe breastfeeding at the workplace, were delivered during the session.

This information is important for participants who may not have received information about healthy food choices for better nutrition and health in the past. According to Ms Phengnakhone Saykousy, Human Resources Manager, Diep Vu, the company used to provide staff a lunch subsidy, but the staff often preferred to save this money, instead of purchasing a healthy and diverse lunch. The factory also has a breastfeeding corner and health care facilities in the factory, such as two nurses, however, promotion of these staff facilities needs to be promoted on an on-going basis.

As part of the event, the trainers provided relevant training materials to the factory’s nurses for their further use and promotion. The trainers also offered further consultations to support the nurses, as required. This event and support were facilitated by the SUN Business Network (SBN), convened by the World Food Programme (WFP) in cooperation with the Association of Lao Garment Industry (ALGI).