SBN Case Study: Gender, Workforce Nutrition

SBN Laos promotes Workforce Nutrition for garment factory workers

Workforce Nutrition Programme (WNP) helps to promote healthy and safe food consumption and promote nutrition in workplaces. WNP is aligned with the  sub-program on nutrition of the 9th Health Sector Development Plan (2021-2025).

On 22 December 2022, Be-Cooperate Export Co., Ltd., hosted an event to introduce the WNP, focused on promoting the consumption of a healthy diet and regular and safe breastfeeding among its garment factory workers, who are predominantly women. The WNP builds on existing supports in the factory, including flexible working hours for pregnant and lactating women and provision of a healthy lunch subsidy.

The event was delivered by the Nutrition Center with support from World Food Programme (WFP), in cooperation with the Association of Lao Garment Industry (ALGI). There were 33 participants including 31 female garment workers.

The SUN Business Network supports the WNP to help strengthen the public-private linkage/partnership to promote the national program on nutrition and healthcare at workplaces.