• Opportunities to network with other companies that have an interest in nutrition.

  • A chance to contribute to a collective voice and community for improved nutrition

  • Receive updates on the food industry and relevant policy changes that may impact your business decisions.

  • Scope to provide input into government policy decisions and support recommendations for regulatory improvements.

  • Exploration of partnership opportunities to engage with non-government organisations (NGOs), professional associations, and other interested organisations.

  • Global exposure for your business on the network as a supporter of improved nutrition.

  • Opportunities for your business to showcase its contributions to improving nutrition.

  • Access to a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities for your business to improve nutrition in the community.

  • Participation in a national movement that aims to grow the nutrition market and expand business involvement.

  • Obtain practical advice, guidance and training to increase commercial engagement in nutrition.

Trying to elevate the burden of malnutrition without involving private sector, when the majority of the food we consume – especially at the marketplace – comes from private processors, is just not effective. If we really want to tackle the malnutrition burden, we need to engage the private sector from the get-go. That is a game changer!

Abenezer Feleke

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