Country Nutrition Situation

The Global Nutrition Report states that Honduras is currently not on course to meet any of its nutrition targets – although some progress has been seen in reducing the number of infants born at a low weight. Data shows that 43% of adults in the country are obese, while almost a fifth of adults are affected by diabetes. Meanwhile, the number of women of reproductive age impacted by anaemia stands at 17.8%. And, although there is limited official data to analyse, some sources suggest that 1.4% of under-fives are impacted by wasting and 22.6% by stunting – both higher than the Latin America and Caribbean regional averages.


David Natarén

Policy and Programme Officer World Food Programme (WFP)

What is SBN doing in Honduras

The network has outlined five primary areas of focus for its work in the country. These are:

  1. Forming partnerships with business associations to help enhance the food value chain and increase awareness around the importance of good nutrition.
  2. Educating SMEs and entrepreneurs on the role of nutrition in health, and advising on ways they can incorporate this into their business plans.
  3. Collaborating with companies interested in working towards the fulfillment of SDG 2 and 17 (such as banks, producers, food distributors, etc.)
  4. Working with academia to generate evidence through research.
  5. Forging partnerships with food producers to encourage fortification and overall improved nutrition practices.