SBN Nigeria



  • Opportunities to network and connect with and learn from a vast network of SMEs and private sector actors in the food supply chain.
  • A chance to make your voice heard with regards to government policy decisions and recommendations for policy improvements.
  • Receive updates on the country’s food industry and relevant policy changes that may influence your company’s decisions.
  • Greater partnership opportunities to network with fellow members of the private sector, non-government organisations (NGOs), professional associations, and other organisations who share an interest in nutrition.
  • Potential to access finance through grants, competition prizes, and private investors.
  • Contribute to a collective voice & community for nutrition in Nigeria’s private sector, which does not currently exist.
  • Enable your business to showcase its contributions to improving nutrition at a national and global level.
  • Receive practical advice, guidance and training, through workshops and events, to increase your company’s commercial engagement in nutrition.


“The private sector has a critical role to play in improving nutrition, especially in the creation of nutritious and safe foods. Every private sector stakeholder, whether in agriculture, finance, retail, telecommunications, transportation and distribution, pharmaceuticals, construction, or food production & processing, should take action towards eliminating malnutrition.”

Ibiso Ivy King-Harry, SBN Nigeria

How to Become a Member

SBN Nigeria welcomes applications from registered businesses who have a focus on nutrition and who are willing to make commitments to innovate, invest, and advocate within this field. Before formally joining the SUN Business Network to become advocates and supporters of improved nutrition in Nigeria, the network asks that you acknowledge commitments including:

  • Supporting the SUN Business Network and being active in its vision to be the focal point for promoting action by business towards improving nutrition for public health impact in Nigeria
  • Marketing consumables in a way that strictly follows and adheres to the established national regulatory framework
  • Acting in line with a commitment to uphold the equity and rights of all women, men and their children
  • Complying with UN guidance on health and nutrition, with a specific mention of the International Code on Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and World Health Assembly resolutions related to Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

To get started, fill out the membership form below and send it to Tomisin Odunmbaku ( A member of the team will get in touch to learn more about your business and discuss how you might contribute to the network, after which you’ll be informed as to whether your application has been successful.

    (This(ese) persons will be your organisation's focal point for the SUN Business Network)

    • Expectations: (If you have any priorities that you would like SBN to engage in with you, please include them here)
    • Accountability: (Provide the list of the main accountability mechanisms – related to nutrition – that your company is reporting to)

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