SBN Uganda


  • Business-to-Business linkages of SMEs in the food supply chain.

  • Networking opportunities to connect with and learn from other SMEs, private sector actors and member businesses in the food supply chain.

  • An increased profile on a global, national, regional, and local scale.

  • A chance to engage in a variety of training programmes in the area of food systems.

“While the driving force of the private sector is to make profit, with renewed commitment to the improvement of the wellbeing of Ugandans, this sector has a strategic role to play”

Uganda Nutrition Action Plan

How to Become a Member

To become a national SBN member, the interested company or organisation should be duly registered with a valid operational license, and working in food systems. Interested businesses can direct queries to SBN Uganda’s Country Coordinator, Mark Lule, at

    (This(ese) persons will be your organisation's focal point for the SUN Business Network)

    • Expectations: (If you have any priorities that you would like SBN to engage in with you, please include them here)
    • Accountability: (Provide the list of the main accountability mechanisms – related to nutrition – that your company is reporting to)

    How to
    connect to
    other members