SBN Bangladesh


4th Mar 2021

Tackling malnutrition for a better Bangladesh

Since joining the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement in 2012, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been resolutely committed to addressing the...

23rd Sep 2020

Better nutrition for better productivity and efficiency in the RMG sector

Global evidence suggests that healthier diets boost the immune system and overall wellbeing of individuals, but access to healthy diets is also...

18th Sep 2020

COVID-19 and SMEs: supporting small enterprises to avoid a nutrition crisis

Today, 2 billion people suffer from an inadequate diet, and the emergence of COVID-19 is only expected to accelerate the number of...

3rd Aug 2020

Next-generation technology: unlocking nutritious food production in Africa and Asia

With over 500 million undernourished people, and nine out of ten of the world’s stunted and wasted children, malnutrition and hunger continue...

21st Apr 2020

Thoughts on Strategic Bailout of SMEs in Bangladesh

In a commendable effort to combat the effects of COVID-19, the Government of Bangladesh has announced a bailout package to support Small...

27th Mar 2020

Meet the Coordinator: Ridwan, Bangladesh

Our ‘Meet the Coordinator’ series provides a glimpse into what inspires, motivates and challenges our SBN country coordinators. Our coordinators are at...

24th Mar 2020

Bangladesh NutriStar: Discovering the shining super stars of nutrition sensitive business

In Bangladesh, nutritious and safe foods are considered to be expensive and unavailable, hence for most of the low-income population they are...

19th Sep 2019

Nutrition Business Monitor: A new self-assessment tool for SMEs

This article was originally published by the Access to Nutrition Initiative. Together with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI),...

8th Jul 2019

Leveraging public-private partnerships to champion better nutrition in South Asia

17-18 June 2019, Bangkok, Thailand More than 120 government officials, civil society organisations, private sector members and international donors from across South...